Hohe Gebäude
The first German Security Token that represent a portfolio of German real estate.


The FUND token is the first fully approved digital and blockchain based German real estate security. The token as a digital asset is freely transferable at any time - independent of banks, custodians or stock exchanges.

Steady Value Growth

The FUND token represent a diversified portfolio of German Real Estate – which gives it a steady value growth and a planned annual yield.


The FUND token will bring liquidity into a traditional illiquid asset class and can be traded on licensed exchanges and peer-to-peer 24/7.


The FUND token is the first European-wide fully regulated real estate Security Token Offering (STO), which has been fully digitized as a security. 


 The FUND token is a project of leading experts with many years of experience in real estate, capital and investment products with a positive track record.

Million EUR Raised

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